A tour around the ancient Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic

There is no way you can visit the beautiful and ancient city of Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic that you won’t visit the the Zona Colonial region because of its diverse informative structures one of which is the “The Palacio Consistoral” is distinguished by its’ clock tower. This building was constructed in the early 1500’s and was the original location of the old town hall. This historical building now is mainly used for cultural events and art exhibits.

Also visited the famous statue in the Parque Colon.  It is Christopher Columbus/ Cristobal Colon for whom the park is named. This bronze statue dates back from 1897 and is the work of French sculptor Gilbert. It shows a native Taino woman known as Anacaona reaching to Columbus standing atop the pillar in his arrogant glory. The statue is located directly in front of the Catedral Santa Maria  (the oldest cathedral in all Las Americas).

Style Deets

Ankara Tunic and cap: Custom Styledbybie

Sandals: Gucci

Glasses: The Jreason Brand

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